About Ocean's Four Sailing


Our skipper wanted a change of life and resume a childhood adventure, stuck in time. He dreamt, planned, risked and set sail. Along with him, 3 companions, thirsty for adventures, joined him.

This is Ocean's Four Sailing. A group of life stories coming together at the right time, so that you, aboard a classic Bavaria 44 sailboat, might fulfil a dream, celebrate, get inspired or simply sail with us.

We dropped anchor in the beautiful town of Cascais, mere minutes from Lisbon, surrounded by beautiful coast line and beaches, such as the famous Estoril coast. Only a few minutes walking distance from the town centre, it's easy to get lost in its beautiful streets and surrender to the unforgettable experience of the Portuguese cuisine.

It has all the ingredients to work.

Better, only if we set sail along the coast, or towards the Tagus river, sailing and diving into clear waters, in moments you won't forget.

Or, like we gotten used to say..."adventure begins where the road ends.

About Swift


Swift is a Bavaria 44 from 2003 refitted in 2019 with a top end Doppler Radar, AIS and the most modern chartplotter with state-of-the-art charts. She’s a classic, comfortable sailing cruiser, 44 feet long, made for comfort and enjoyment, having relaxed family holidays as a goal. It belongs to the latest models that still carries real hardwood instead of laminate solutions.

The Saloon:
The interior makes full use of Swift’s generous beam (4,25 m or 13 feet) having the saloon area to starboard (the right side) and the galley (kitchen) on the opposite side, to port (left side). There is plenty of light with twin hatches and opening ports

The Galley:
You'll find a good size fridge with freezing compartment, at your disposal, and a fully functioning cooker with fold-out cover to increase the work surface area, when not in use. You also have two sinks with hot water available, as well as cutlery and crockery enough for eight, along with pots and pans.
But don't panic: you if need anything from this department, and you feel like doing nothing, just ask a crew member. Remember that we're here to help you!

The Cabins:
The cabins are very comfortable, with large sleeping areas that will comfortably accommodate two, for both the cabins aft (at the rear) and for the cabin on the front at the forepeak. As for the bunk beds, one person will sleep in comfort.

The cockpit:
The cockpit is large and spacious, having long benches making it a wonderful spot to watch the sunset, enjoy a meal using the fold-up table or to hold your private business meeting.

About Cascais


Cascais is a cozy and charming Portuguese fishing town, situated on a beautiful coastline, famous for its landscapes and during the summer season it is a vibrant resort, with a buzzing holiday aura. Cascais presents, nowadays, a sophisticated blend of 19th-century architecture with traditional Portuguese glamour.

In fact, Cascais wasn’t as trendy as it is now until King Luís I decided to make Cascais into his summer residence, from 1870 to 1908. As a result, many noble families built impressive glamorous mansions in an eclectic style many of which are still to be seen in the town centre and the surrounding area, turning, the once quiet fishing village, into a cosmopolitan address. Thanks to these events, Cascais benefited with the construction of better roads to Lisbon and the first railway, in 1889, connecting Cascais to Lisbon downtown.

Portuguese cuisine and Cascais:
One of the most distinctive feature of Portuguese cuisine comes from the sea. This isn't surprising as Portugal is a coastal nation which has a continental shelf with an area of 28,000 square kilometres (11,000 sq miles) and a coastline of 1,794 km (1,115 miles).

Directly from the sea:
There are several excellent choices at your disposal, although a simple grilled fish, always fresh, is a must. If you're into something more elaborate you have to try codfish (a national dish we proudly say we cook it in 1001 ways, not sure if this is true…), monkfish with rice or the exquisite Portuguese fish stew (ask for ‘caldeirada’), just to name a few.

Directly from the pastures:
From the reputed and variety of pastures, ranging from the North to the South, you have at your disposal a mix of meats, again from the simple grilled meat (either beef, pork or young goat ('cabrito') from Protected Denomination of Origin) to the more complex and flavour rich dishes like cozido à portuguesa, another national dish, made of a mix of meats, vegetables, rice, beans and various sausages. When ir comes to fruit you'll find delicious, fresh, flavoured and assorted fruit with an increasing tendency towards organic.

And then there's the wine!
There's so much to say about this subject that choosing where to start isn't easy. To several wine experts, Portugal is the final frontier of wine in Europe, rivalling not only in quality as in price with reputed countries like France, Italy, Spain or even California, US. Portugal has many grape varieties that don't grow anywhere else in the world. That's the reason why you probably won't recognise the grape variety in a Portuguese wine, and that's a good thing! There's so much to try, again ranging from the north to the South. Ask, preferentially, for DOC or DOP wines from a large number of regions: Douro, an UNESCO world heritage site - Port is the most famous (and the most copied, by the way) but trust us, if you only try Port you're missing the big picture. Minho, geographically right above Douro, is famous for its 'vinho verde', served ice cold. This is a very young wine meaning it's at its peak of aromatics. You have many other regions like Alentejo, Lisboa (Lisbon), Dão, Setúbal... Forgive us but it's just impossible to detail all them. The great thing about it is, you'll get to try and discover them!

Cascais Marina
Cascais Marina is a relatively new marina just next to downtown Cascais. It can safely berth 650 vessels up to 45m or 150 feet. Within walking distance you'll reach the centre of beautiful town of Cascais, beaches and the famous Boca do Inferno, with the equally gorgeous Sintra and Lisbon a short hop away.
At the Marina you'll find a small supermarket, an ATM, a laundrette and also a reserved WC and showers, accessible only to card holders. You'll also find a variety of restaurants, coffee shops and pubs as well as hiring bicycles to help you get around Cascais in an eco-friendly way. The Marina water entrance (kind of tricky for those unfamiliar) is located on this glamorous and picturesque bay where one can admire beautiful, luxury yachts anchored. You’ll also find, among the glamorous yachts, several typical local sailing boats, since Cascais is a vibrant fishing village that, as early as the 13th century, supplies, with its fish production, the nearby city of Lisbon. All this scenery will have glamorous old royalty palaces as well as beautiful sandy beaches as the background.